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Connecticut Aquarium Clubs


GreaterHartfordAquariumSociety.gif Greater Hartford Aquarium Society

Greater Hartford Aquarium Society
The purpose of The Greater Hartford Aquarium Society is to conduct an exclusively charitable association to promote a cultural appreciation by the public of the care, preservation, breeding and enjoyment of tropical fish. We work to advance the tropical fish hobby by collecting, disseminating, and exchanging educational knowledge and appreciation of tropical fish and related subjects and activities.

Norwalk Aquarium Society
The Norwalk Aquarium Society meets the third Thursday of each month (except July and December). Each meeting provides either a speaker or program dealing with various aspects of the tropical fish hobby and is open to the general public without cost. Raffles, door prizes, auctions of rare and exotic aquarium fish, refreshments, and chit chat with fellow hobbyists are a few of the benefits of attending.

Pioneer Valley Water Garden & Koi Club
A non-profit group with a membership in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut focused on creating beauty and peace in our own backyards by building and maintaining water gardens. Our goal is to come together to share expertise, experiences, and a love of nature. Highlights of our year are the annual "Pond Tour" - members invite others to share a moment in their backyard paradise & the "New England Water Garden & Ornamental Fish Show" - providing the public with a primer in the art of being a Koi & Goldfish hobbyist.

If you know of other Connecticut aquarium clubs that are not on this list, please email freshaquarium@aboutguide.com with details. Thank you.

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