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The Preferred Levels of Community Fish - Freshwater Aquariums
community aquarium. Here is a list, split by preferred level, of over one hundred popular aquarium fish . Keep in mind that water conditions ( pH , temp, ...
Stocking Your Aquarium Evenly - Freshwater Aquariums - About.com
The level the fish prefer to swim in is often missed when setting up a community aquarium. If you select fish that prefer different levels, the aquarium be more ...
Rosy Barb - Freshwater Aquariums - About.com
Rosy Barbs make great community fish, socializing well with many other non- aggressive fish of similar size that enjoy cooler waters. Fish such as Swordtails, ...
Upside Down Catfish - Synodontis nigriventris - Freshwater Aquariums
They are good community fish, when kept with other peaceful species. Water should be moderately soft and slightly acidic to neutral. Aquarium temperature is  ...
Black Widow Tetra - Gymnocorymbus ternetzi - Freshwater Aquariums
A schooling fish by nature, Black Widow Tetras are best kept in groups of three or more. Due to their peaceful nature, they make an excellent community fish.
Acclimating Aquarium Fish - Freshwater Aquariums - About.com
All new fish being put into a community tank should be quarantined for two weeks , at least, but that is a topic for another sticky. If you don't have extra tanks to ...
How Much and How Often Should I Feed My Fish?
Answer: In answer to the reader question: "The last few cans of fish food I bought said Do Not Overfeed. Why is that a problem, and how much should I feed my ...
Scissortail Rasbora - Rasbora trilineata - Freshwater Aquariums
Scissortails are peaceful gregarious fish that do well in community aquariums. They should be kept with at least a half dozen of its own kind, to bring out their ...
Saltwater Aquariums Fish Compatibility - Part One - Types of ...
Many aquarists choose to keep these types of fish in a specific predatory tank community, with fish like large Groupers, Hawks, Snappers and other predatory ...
Livebearing Aquarium Fish - Freshwater Aquariums - About.com
Livebearers are some of the most popular fish in the aquarium trade, prized for ... livebearers should only be included in community tanks if kept with fish that ...
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