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Where Can I Buy Live Worms?


Question: Where Can I Buy Live Worms?
Answer: In answer to the following reader question:
"I hear all the talk about how good live food is for my fish. No one seems to have or know how I can get some. Every pet supply store says its good, but all I have is freeze dried. If it's so good why can't I get some? Who sells a start of black worms or blood worms?"

Good question -- black worm and other live food cultures aren't something you generally can find at the local pet shop. To find live cultures you have basically three options:

  • Get them from other fish owners
  • Purchase them from a specialty business
  • Collect your own from the outdoors

    Other Fish Owners
    Networking with other fish owners is a great way to not only share information, but to acquire hard to find items, such as live food cultures. Start by looking for fish clubs in your area, or ask a reputable fish shop if they know customers who culture their own live foods.

    If you strike out locally, go online and search for clubs. They know members who are willing to send live cultures to you. Good candidates are clubs specializing in fish that require live foods, or clubs for fish breeders.

    Online Cultures
    There are a number of places online to order live cultures. Below is a list to get you started. Keep in mind that many of them sell only in bulk quantities, so you might want to find other fish owners to split an order with you.

    Aquatic Foods
    The Bug Farm
    The Worm Man
    Speedy Worm

    Collect Your Own
    Collecting your own live worms and other insect cultures is possible in many areas, if you know how to go about it. Here are some tips for collecting live foods. Regardless of how you come by them, live foods are an excellent way to keep your fish happy and healthy.
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