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Freshwater Aquarium Photo Contest


Before you submit a photo read the About.com User Agreement.

The Rules
  • Photos must be be freshwater, brackish, or pond related.

  • Photos must be JPG or GIF format only.

  • Only one photo from each submitter will be used per contest.

  • 'Ballot stuffing' will result in disqualification of the contestant.

  • All photos submitted are the property of the entrants and may not be copied without their permission. Your About Guide to Freshwater Aquariums may use entries for display in other areas of this site.

  • Winners do no receive a prize. However, they are recognized in the Winners Circle.

    How To Enter
    Submissions are by e-mail only. Before submitting your photo, read the About.com User Agreement, taking care to review item #6 which explains that you are granting About.com rights to publish your photo.

    1.) Write PHOTO ACE ENTRY in the subject line of your e-mail.

    2.) Copy and paste the following into the body of your e-mail, then fill in the blanks.
         My Name is:
         My photo is of:
         I have read the About.com User Agreement (yes or no):
         My aquarium website is (if you have one):

    3.) Attach your photo (it must be JPG or GIF format), and send it to: freshaquarium@aboutguide.com
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