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Top 9 Cichlid Foods


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Hikari Complete
Hikari Cichlid Complete
Cichlids have special dietary needs that often are not be met by standard fish foods. To keep your Cichlids in prime health, provide them with food formulated specifically for them.

1) Hikari Cichlid Complete

Formulated with color enhancers, vitamin C, amino acids, salmon milt and wheat germ, Hikari Cichlid Complete is the perfect daily diet for Cichlids. They slowly sink, thus accommodating a range of feeding types. The salmon milt enhances the flavor, which is important if you have trouble with picky eaters. Available in two package sizes.
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2) Hikari Cichlid Excel for Herbivorous Fish

Not all Cichlids are carnivores. These pellets contain wheat germ, spirulina, vitamins and minerals. For vegetarian Cichlids, Excel is a good balanced daily diet.
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3) Tetra Cichlid Foodsticks

If you are looking for an alternative to feeder fish, Tetra Cichlid Foodsticks are perfect. They provide a well balanced diet for larger meat loving cichlids such as Oscars, Convicts and Firemouths.
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4) Hikari Cichlid Gold Food

Hikari Cichlid Gold is an excellent general-purpose pellet that is readily accepted by most cichlids Available in four sizes to accommodate a range of fish sizes, it contains carotene to enhance fish color. The pellets will not cloud the water, however they don’t readily sink, so keep that in mind if you are feeding fish that are too timid to come to the surface at mealtime.
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5) Wardley Cichlid T.E.N.

Don’t let the lower price fool you, these pellets contain shrimp, Spirulina, vitamins and natural color enhancers. Available in two sizes to accommodate a variety of cichlids, the only downside is that they are not stocked in stores as often as other types of Wardley foods.
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6) Hikari Cichlid Staple Food

The primary difference between Hikari Staple and Hikari Gold is that it lacks color-enhancing additives. Like Hikari Gold, it is a top quality pellet that comes in a variety of sizes, and will not cloud the water. If you are a fish owner who prefers to avoid color enhancers, this pellet is an excellent choice for you. The only downside is that they cost more than other brands.
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7) Tetra Cichlid Color Foodsticks

Take the standard foodsticks and add color enhances, and voila – you have Color foodsticks. When used as a supplement to the standard foodsticks, they are especially helpful enhancing the red and orange hues.
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8) HBH Super Cichlid Foods

HBH extra large floating pellets are specially formulated for cichlids five inches or larger. They make a great alternative or supplement to live feeder fish.
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9) Tetra Jumbo Min

Specially formulated for very large carnivorous fish, these pellets are an excellent diet. They contain a high percentage of live foods such as krill, shrimp and crabs. All large meat-eating fish will love these sticks.
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