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Choosing Fish Foods


Choosing Fish Foods
Choosing the right food for your fish is a key factor in maintaining the health and long life of your pet. Although there is no single food that is good for every fish, if you follow these four basic steps you won't go wrong.

Dietary Type
Fish owners often do not consider, or even know, the type of diet a fish is born to eat. A cow has the teeth and digestive system for grazing on grasses, while a lion has the teeth and digestive system for consuming meat. Likewise, different fish are built to eat different types of foods. Do some research on your fish and determine what dietary type your fish is (omnivore, herbivore, or carnivore). Certain species of fish have very specific dietary needs, as do newly hatched fry.

Where and When
Become familiar with where and when your fish prefer to eat. Although many fish eat from the top of the water, some graze on the bottom. Likewise, even though most fish eat during daylight hours, some eat only at night. For the bottom feeders, be sure to choose some sinking foods. The nocturnal feeders should be fed after the lights are turned off.

Variety is Spice of Life
Regardless of what type of food your fish eats, it's important to vary the diet to insure balanced nutrition. A combination of dry as well frozen and fresh/live foods will ensure a well balanced diet.

Keep it Fresh
Fish foods often don't carry an expiration date, but they have a relatively short shelf life. Flake foods lose much of their nutritional value in as little as a month, so purchase only what you can use in a few weeks. Vitamin and nutritional deficiency is a big contributor in making fish susceptible to disease.

If you need help choosing which brands of food are best for you, I've written extensive list of my personal top picks. You'll find them just to the right under the Top Picks heading. Good luck, and happy dining for your fish.
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