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Is an Eclipse System Suitable for a Betta?


Eclipse12 Filter
Question: Is an Eclipse System Suitable for a Betta?
Answer: A reader recently wrote:
"My son just received a Betta fish and we are looking at which aquarium to buy. I'm so confused!! In your overview about Betta you state that they like calm water, so stay away from power filters. But then as the #1 gift for Betta lovers, you list the Eclipse 3 gallon Biowheel. Isn't this a power filter? Doesn't this create a current in the tank? Please let me know as we want to get this fish out of the tiny bowl he's in."

She made a very good point. I did advise against power filters in general, as Bettas prefer calm waters. It is particularly important when breeding Bettas, as vigorous water movement will disturb the bubble nest.

However, small Eclipse systems are not like the traditional power filters that hang off the back of the tank and generate significant water flow. A unit as small as three gallons barely produces enough flow to turn the biowheel, so the water movement is as minimal as possible. It is quite suitable for a Betta, and is a much better environment than a plant vase.

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