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Freshwater Aquariums April 2012 Archive


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Mother's Day Gifts

Monday April 30, 2012
Mother's Day or any day is a good time to consider one of these gifts for Mom. Bookmark this gift suggestion list for future events, such as her birthday, Christmas, ... Read More

Nitrite Poisoning

Sunday April 29, 2012
Nitrite poisoning follows closely on the heels of ammonia poisoning as a major killer of aquarium fish. Just when you think you are home free after losing half your fish ... Read More

Dwarf Gourami

Saturday April 28, 2012
One of the more popular members of the Gourami family, the Dwarf Gourami is available in many attractive color morphs from pale blue to brilliant orange-red. Their ease of care ... Read More

Ditch Your Aquarium Heater?

Friday April 27, 2012
Winter is over and you are enjoying the warmer weather. Does that mean you should you turn off the heat in your aquarium? The answer depends on a number of ... Read More

Rocks For Aquariums

Thursday April 26, 2012
Did you ever see a rock by the side of the road that you wanted to put in your aquarium? Perhaps you even stopped and took a look, then decided ... Read More

Gifts For Plant Lovers

Tuesday April 24, 2012
If your family or friends are aquarium owners who love live plants, this list of gifts for live plant lovers is perfect for you. More About Plants Converting to Live Plants Plant ... Read More

Surface Foam

Monday April 23, 2012
Have you been faced with foam on your aquarium water? Where did it come from? Is it dangerous? What can be done to get rid of it? ... Read More

Genetically Engineered Fish

Sunday April 22, 2012
Bring up the issue of genetically altered fish, and responses range from one extreme to the other on this subject. What do you have to say about the subject? "Sure ... Read More

Cichlid Books

Saturday April 21, 2012
Cichlids are a fascinating and diverse family of fish. From South America to the lakes of Africa, Cichlids span the globe and are composed of well over 1,500 species. Some, ... Read More

Tetra Gallery

Thursday April 19, 2012
Tetras are one of the most popular families of aquarium fish. Generally peaceful and easy to care for, they are readily available at any fish shop. This Tetra photo ... Read More

Red Eye Tetra

Tuesday April 17, 2012
It isn't hard to see how the Red Eye Tetra got it's name. Readily available at most pet shops, they make an excellent beginner fish, or a lively addition ... Read More

How Do I Upgrade An Aquarium?

Monday April 16, 2012
Upgrading to a larger tank is an exciting opportunity. However, it takes some planning to accomplish successfully. Here are some tips for making the move from a small tank to ... Read More

Readers Fish Tips

Sunday April 15, 2012
Is a fat tummy a sign of a well fed fish, or a sick one? Does a Betta do well in a vase? Are Black Widows quarrelsome? Those ... Read More

Substrate For Planted Tanks

Friday April 13, 2012
Choosing the proper substrate for your planted aquarium can make the difference between success and failure. Follow this advice from a successful plant breeder to ensure your live plants grow ... Read More

Coolie Loach

Wednesday April 11, 2012
Call it a Khuli Loach, Prickly Eye, or just plain Coolie, everyone easily recognizes this popular loach. An excellent scavenger, they are undemanding and easy to care for, and live ... Read More

What Is Infusoria?

Monday April 9, 2012
If you've asked around for information about what to feed newly hatched fry, odds are you've been told you need infusoria. Not sure what infusoria is, much less where to ... Read More

Fish Health Books

Sunday April 8, 2012
Having reference material on hand when faced with a fish health problem can make all the difference. These fish health books will help you keep your fish hale and hearty. ... Read More

Figure 8 Puffer Fish

Friday April 6, 2012
Pufferfish are have a way of enticing people to buy them. Perhaps it's their appearance, with comical faces and propeller like fins. Or maybe it's their inquisitive nature that ... Read More

DIY Fish Fry Food

Thursday April 5, 2012
Freshly hatched fry can be a challenge to feed. Live Brine Shrimp is often recommended, but it's not always an option. Maybe you should consider making your own fry ... Read More

White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Wednesday April 4, 2012
One one time the White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Tanichthys alboneubes) waas called the poor mans Neon, because it was an inexpensive alternative to the popular Neon Tetra. However, if you've ... Read More

Real vs. Artificial Plants

Monday April 2, 2012
Real plants are best in the aquarium - right? Not always, and certainly not for every aquarium owner. Although some of us swear by live planted tanks, there are some ... Read More

Black Ruby Barb

Sunday April 1, 2012
The beauty of the Black Ruby Barb is so great that it nearly caused its demise in nature. Discovered in Sri Lanka, this popular Barb was over-fished to near ... Read More

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