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Shirlie Sharpe

Water Temperature

By February 16, 2013

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Fish are cold-blooded, meaning their bodies do not generate heat. Therefore they are at the mercy of the water around them. As the water temperature changes, so does the temperature of your fish. Needless to say, maintaining an optimal aquarium water temperature is an important factor in the health of your fish.

Whenever you set up a new aquarium, or add new fish to an existing aquarium, make sure you know what each species of fish prefer for water temperatures. Cold-water fish, such as Goldfish, should not be kept with warm-water fish, such as the Betta. Even though they may get along, one or the other will be at an uncomfortable temperature. To ensure your fish are happy and healthy, make sure you choose fish species with similar temperature needs, provide heat for your aquarium as needed, and monitor the temperature with an aquarium thermometer.

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