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Shirlie Sharpe

Battling Green Water

By February 13, 2013

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Recently a colleague from here at About.com wrote to me with concerns about her fish tank. It was turning green, and she was worried about the health of her fish. Green water is certainly not desirable in most cases, but the green water itself isn't going to harm your fish. However, green water is a sign that something isn't right with the aquarium. Algae needs two primary things to grow, light and nutrients. If algae is getting out of control, as is the case with green water, there obviously is plenty of what the algae needs to thrive and grow like wildfire.

Perhaps the tank is exposed to direct sunlight, or the lights are left on too long. Or it may be a problem with too many nutrients in the water, which can come from a range of sources. Excess nutrients can be caused by everything from overfeeding to skipping tank maintenance to using a water source that is already high in phosphates. Unfortunately, even when you know what the problem is, getting rid of green water can be challenging. Before giving up and draining the tank entirely, try these tips to exile your green water.

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