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Shirlie Sharpe

Fish Age

By January 7, 2013

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I always enjoy hearing from fish owners who have had a cherished fish for may years. Today I couldn't help but smile when I heard from a Blue Gourami owner, who shared his story.

"I have had mine since summer 2004 which makes her 8 1/2 years old as of this posting. She is small for her age, only about 3 inches. It is kept in a 20 gallon tank. I will admit the tank hasn't always had the best water conditions from time to time which is a testament to the hardiness of this breed. I also have an 8 inch Pleco in the tank just as old."

How long should your fish live? It varies greatly depending on the species of fish and the care they are given. Usually smaller fish have a shorter lifespan than larger fish, and fish that lay eggs live longer than those that give birth to live young. The two most popular species of fish, Bettas and Goldfish, are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Bettas live little more than two years, while Goldfish live for decades.

Here are the expected lifespan of many popular species of freshwater aquarium fish. Have you had a fish live an exceptionally long time? Share your fish lifespan story

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