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Shirlie Sharpe

Rose of a Fish

By December 5, 2012

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Rosy Danios are relative newcomers to the aquarium scene. Their attractive coloration and active nature will no doubt put them high on the list of popular fish for new aquarium owners this holiday season. Similar to the Pearl Danio, mature males have a beautiful rosy colored underbelly that gives them their name. Adaptable to a variety of habitats, Rosy Danios would do well in a community aquarium. Keep in mind that they are a schooling fish, so buy them in groups rather than singly. As with any fish, I strongly recommend reading up on their care and habitat needs before you bring them home.

Have you kept Rosy Danios? If so, share your Rosy Danio experiences with others.

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Photo Choy Heng Wah


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