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Shirlie Sharpe

Yellow or Brown Aquarium Water

By November 30, 2012

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What is it with yellow or brown water? The instant we see it, the body reacts. Nose wrinkles, mouth turns down and the word "ewwww" spews from our mouth with no conscious thought what so ever. Perhaps it's because we associate it with, well to put it as delicately as possible, with a toilet. Why we consider a potty so vile is a subject I won't even touch here. But like it or not, we invariably equate yellow or brown water with the loo.

When aquarium water is what turns yellow or brown, it tends to freak out the owner. It's beside the point that what caused the color change has probably been coming on for weeks or months. Today it looks like a potty, and we all know how bad that is! What is an owner to do? It's not like the aquarium can be flushed, or vigorously swished out with toilet bowl cleaner. Thankfully it can be fixed, and in many cases is not immediately lethal. Here's how to deal with yellow or brown aquarium water.

Cleaning a Dirty Aquarium
Foamy Water
Green Water
Oil Slicks

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