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Fish can reproduce at a rate that rivals rabbits. That very problem is what this forum member has experienced. Fortunately the forum community has answers.

"Hi there. I need a few helpfull tips. My angel fish had babies about 20 or so days ago..about 30 or so about 10 or so are living good feeding them the shrimp brine..all is well. Here's the thing though.. the parents just layed eggs again...So what am i to expect..Will the parents eat the first babies or how do I get the parents to stop breeding.....I do not have a tank big enough for this...wish I did though...

your's truly....confused first time parent of baby fish...."


November 8, 2008 at 7:31 pm
(1) Lizzy says:

Try calling your local pet store and ask if they will take your extra babies on a regular basis. They will keep this up for a long time and if all else fails, you can either keep all of one gender of the fish or seperate males and females with a tank divider. yes including babies…grown up fish will mate with their parents.

February 19, 2009 at 1:23 pm
(2) Peg says:

Some stores will take fish, but, before handing your fish over, you may want to the check the store’s reputation. I was referred to a local store when my mollies produced 30+ fry in a matter of weeks. When I looked up the store’s address online, I learned it had a terrible reputation for filthiness and general neglect. I went to the store in person to check out the claims and was disgusted by what I saw. In good conscience, I couldn’t take my molly fry there. Instead, I first separated the breeding pair, then e-mailed friends, acquaintances, relatives, anyone I could think of, and found homes for most of the fry. Luckily, the ones I couldn’t find homes for haven’t reproduced, so I’m hoping all is under control.

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